Weizhi Li 李玮智
Second-year Ph.D. student
Computer Engineering, Arizona State University

I am a second-year Ph.D. student at Arizona State University. My advisor is Prof. Visar Berisha. I finished my bachelor degree at Shandong University and my master degree at Texas A&M University. In the past, I have been fortunate to collaborate with Prof. Chengyou Wang, Prof. Xiaoning Qian, and Prof. Jim Ji. On the period of my bachelor study, I was interested in fundamental image processing such as filtering end up completing my bachelor thesis (In Chinese) related to filterings in image dehazing. On the period of my master study, I mainly researched deep learning for histopathological image segmentation without ground-truth labels end up completing my master thesis related to noisy labels learning. Now I am passionate about general machine learning especially the regularization and the inference.

Research Works

W. Li, G. Dasarathy, V. Berisha, “Regularization via Structural Label Smoothing”, accepted to AISTATS'20. [PDF]

C. Tsai, W. Li, X. Qian, Y. Lin, “Image Co-saliency Detection and Co-segmentation via Progressive Joint Optimization”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 28(1), 56-71. [PDF]

W. Li, "Adaptive Noise-Tolerant Network for Image Segmentation" (Project report). [PDF]

W. Li, X. Qian, and J. Ji, “Noise-tolerant Deep Learning for Histopathological Image Segmentation”, In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2017. [PDF]

L. Wang, X. Zhou, C. Wang, and W. Li "The Effects of Image Dehazing Methods Using Dehazing Contrast-Enhancement Filters on Image Compression", KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems, 10(7). [PDF]


Multi-View 3D Object Detection Network for Autonomous Driving. [CODE]


ASU Graduate Engineering Fellowship, 2019

ASU Graduate Engineering Fellowship, 2018

Winner of the research poster competition in SWE region C conference, 2017

TAMU Graduate Merit Scholarship, 2016

Shandong University 3rd-class Scholarship, 2014